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Tamarack Sap Hot Sauce



Product Description

Tamarack Sap is "made by a Sap for a Sap"


The Sap is a mild hot sauce that is exploding with flavor!  They make it right in there cafe Tamarack Cafe.  It is popular on homefries, eggs, french fries and wraps.  It's also great in bloody mary's!


-Our Sap is approved by the Dept. of Agriculture


10oz Bottle






Pierce Rosewood:    I'm Pierce Rosewood.

Salvatore Westinghouse:    I'm Salvatore Westinghouse Westinghouse. We are the President and Treasurer of the Left-Handed Flag Tying Association of Oswego County, New York.

Both: We know a thing or two about hot sauce.

Pierce Rosewood:    We know a thing or two about hot sauce.

    Today we're going to review the Tamarack Sap Hot Sauce. Key ingredients: distilled vinegar, cayenne peppers, salt, tomato juice, ketchup, lime juice, vegetable oil and carrot puree. Interesting fun fact good for parties: Tamarack is a tree and it's actually a deciduous conifer. It looks like a pine tree, but it loses its needles every year.

Salvatore Westinghouse:    Fascinating stuff.

Pierce Rosewood:    Yup.

Salvatore Westinghouse:    They actually recommend that this sauce can be used on home fries, eggs, french fries and wraps and they also say it's great in bloody marys.

Pierce Rosewood:    Oh, yeah.

    All right. It's time for the taste test.

Salvatore Westinghouse:    Now, this is the first time either of us has had this, so you'll get a genuine reaction.

Pierce Rosewood:    Oh, whoa, whoa. Careful. Here it comes. Sorry, a little shaky.

Salvatore Westinghouse:    All right. Smells great, right.

Pierce Rosewood:    Yup. Let's do it.

Salvatore Westinghouse:    Here we go.

    Very tasty.

Pierce Rosewood:    It's interesting.

Salvatore Westinghouse:    Not too hot, very mild hotness. I would put it at about a 4 on my scale of 1 to 10.

Pierce Rosewood:    I don't know. What is that unique something in there.

Salvatore Westinghouse:    The cayenne peppers hit me first. That's the first taste I got out of that. Then the tomatoes came in a little bit afterwards.

Pierce Rosewood:    It's the tomato juice that I'm getting.

Salvatore Westinghouse:    Yeah.

Pierce Rosewood:    The cayenne pepper first. Then I get the tomato juice. Would make sense that it's really good in bloody marys. Really would add into that.

Salvatore Westinghouse:    It would add a little more of that spice into your bloody mary. It would be perfect.

Pierce Rosewood:    You give that a 4 out of 10. I'm-

Salvatore Westinghouse:    Well, 4 on hotness. 4 on spice

Pierce Rosewood:    Oh, okay. All right.

    Yeah. I'm about the same spot too. It's hot enough to get the heat, but not at all overbearing.

Salvatore Westinghouse:    That's our review of the Tamarack Sap Hot Sauce. It's a nice mild hotness. It's not too overbearing at all.

Pierce Rosewood:    You put that in just about anything really. Again, real good for blood marys and if you want to get this, go to thehotshoppe.com. Link below.

Salvatore Westinghouse:    We'll talk to you again soon.

Pierce Rosewood:    Salvatore Westinghouse, this is from Inlet, New York.

Salvatore Westinghouse:    Ooh, whoa. Inlet. All right.

Pierce Rosewood:    Adirondack Park.

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